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Kayy Vanity works with clients overall business improvement that are focused on strategy, planning, problem solving, and helping our clients to develop a focal point in business skills, knowledge, and personal growth .We serve our community by providing the latest products and services for small business owners at  an affordable price.  


We provide business consultations and well as business resources . Below you can book several services like our Business Package to take your small business to the next level.

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Business Consultation Call

Here at Kayy Vanity, one of our top goals is putting women in a position to experience freedom. We would like to assist women in becoming financially free and create their dream revenue from the beauty business of their dream. You may have had an idea of a beauty company and need help getting the idea developed. Or maybe you already have a beauty business and need help with it taking off. Give us a call and chat with one of our small beauty business specialist today.

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A part of Kayy Vanity mission,we, we empower small business owners. We now provide business owners with the opportunity to be featured in our various platforms. We have over 20,000 potential customers on our platforms combined. When users click our directory, beauty companies and services will be available to directly to our community. Our platform features will send tons of customers straight to your business. For just $9.99/month your business will be exposed to you Kayy Vanity Community. 


Digital Products

Have you noticed the change in our digital world? Would you like to spice up your business social media platforms  and make your business page more appealing to buyers? Let our Kayy Vanity Team help you to maximize your time and make you more profitable online.

Check out our list of digital products and digital products below:

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Have you use our products and you love it?

Kayy Vanity now has an affiliate program that allows you to make money off of the products that you are already using. Make money from wherever you are without worrying about inventory, shipping, or customer service.

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