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Self-care is apart of Beauty

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I was very ill guys! THE BEAUTY NURSE WAS SICK! I was sick ! COVID maybe?? Idk, but I was so freaking sick . I lost 6 lbs in one week ! I mean I’m happy about that . Usually it takes me about a whole month to lose 6 lbs ,so you can tell that I was CRAZZZZYYYYY sick .

I honestly think my body was rewarding me for neglecting self care . Well lol my body was like NAOMIE TAKE CARE OF ME OR I WONT BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU ! I mean what am I saying ??? What I am saying is , I got caught up in life like a lot of us do . I got cause up in the roles of daughter , business owner, sister , student and the dozen of the roles that I have . I was eating everything and anything when I could actually remember to eat . I mean the only thing I actually did was go to sleep at a reasonable time . But then my brain and my whole body shut down . My body reminded me that you have to slow down , you have to put nutritional food in your body , you have to take vitamins , you have to plan, you have to rest. You also have to let go of all control because life does what it wants and we can not control everything .

So... what I learned is that self care is beauty . There is no beauty without the self care and checking in with yourself to see where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. You have to see where you are to take a breather . If you are not intentional about a check in with yourself... your body will do it for you .

My challenge to you is to check in with YOU. You are the best person to check in with you . Make an honest evaluation and self care to make sure

you are okay . No you, there will be no you to beautify

Some of the products that I used to help with my self-care are below

Multi-Vitamins: It is important that you are giving your body all of the vitamins that are necessary to be able to fuel your day to day activities. What I really like about this vitamin is that it is a powder vitamin that goes into the bloodstream within 15mins.

Skincare: I am learning that my skincare routine has a lot to do with how I am feeling and how I am taking care of the rest of my body, so one of my favorite things to do when I am not feeling my best is masking. I absolutely love the volcano mask because it allows the skin to become refreshed after pulling out all of the toxins. I mean, I am sure that the toxin in my face has a small percent to do with my overall health. But here it is!

Hairgrowth: It is important that when we are taking care of ourselves, we are also taking care of the crown on top of our head. I tried not to wet my hair too much while I was sick but I definitely kept it moisterized. This oil helps my hair to keep in all of the moister that also promotes hair growth. I mean I do have all my edged back! I also used this same oil to rub on my chest area overnight to give my chest a soothing feeling.

These are some of the products that I used but it all goes back to what helps and what works for you and your self-care routine.


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