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Kojic acid+glutathione soaps have the effects of both two kinds of soaps,it works well for anti-aging,anti-acne,skin lightening,nourishing and pore cleaning. It can help keep the skin smooth and remove additional oils that may be trapped in the pores . This soap has a natural settle smell and can help reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten dark spots on skin,  and help promote healthy skin.


Full of the best natural ingredients that are well known for their beneficial results when applied on the skin. Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Kojic Acid, Glutathione and Vitamin B3. A high potency cocktail with everything that is needed for a deep cleanse!


FAST VISIBLE RESULTS-One of the most effective brightening soaps on the market. Exfoliates and penetrates deep into your skin in order. Leaves your skin smooth and soft!


MULTIPLE BENEFITS-With a combination of effective brightening ingredients and nourishing coconut oil everything is achievable. What it does? Cleanses deeply, helps reduce the appearance of age spots, acne scars and imperfections and the continuous use may result in a youthful glow that you will love!



Wet skin with warm water and gently massage soap on the skin for no more than 15 seconds on your first week of use. DO NOT RUB. Avoid getting into eyes, nose or mouth. Use this soap only once a day (preferably at night) for the first week. Wash thoroughly with cold water. NOTE: After the first week, you can use the soap twice a day for no more than 30 seconds. Second Step: Apply a heavy moisturizer afterward. DO NOT stay under the sun and apply a sunscreen when outdoors.


Legal Disclaimer

Results will vary depending on skin type/tone.

Koljic Acid and Glutathione infused Soap

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